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Color in Art (World of Art)


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Over the course of the past few centuries, the complex phenomenon of color has received detailed treatment from the perspectives of physics, chemistry, physiology, psychology, linguisitics, and philosophy. However, visual artists—the people who work most closely with color—have rarely been asked for their opinions about this ubiquitous but insolubly mysterious subject.

In his new book John Gage, author of the award-winning Color and Culture, focuses on the thoughts and practices of artists. Color in Art is concerned with the history of color, but is not itself a history; instead each chapter develops a theme from one of the aforementioned scientific disciplines from the viewpoint of artists such as Kandinsky, van Gogh, and Kapoor. Flags, synaesthesia, theosophy, theater design, chromotherapy, and chromophobia are among the many topics covered. 180 illustrations, 150 in color.


224 страницы, английский язык, мягкая обложка


Вес 400 g
Габариты 22 × 16 cm