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Elina Brotherus. The New Painting


Elina Brotherus. The New Painting

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A monograph of work by the Finnish photographer Elina Brotherus. In this series the artist began to delve more deeply into art history and leave behind the more autobiographical aspects of her work, though she often remains present as the model. «I use contemporary means of expression (large format colour photography), but I owe a lot to the aesthetics of classical figurative painting. With the camera I try to approach the same problems that painters have been dealing with for centuries: light, colour, composition figures, in space, projection of the three-dimensional in the two-dimensional. I find these questions fundamental in all visual arts.» (Elina Brotherus, 2001) Born in 1972 in Helsinki, Brotherus lives and works between France and Finland. She received the Prix Niepce in 2005 and Carnegie Art Award’s Young Artist’s Stipendium in 2003. She was shortlisted for the Citibank Photography Prize in 2002. In 2001 she received the Prix Mosaique of Centre National de l’Audiovisuel of Luxembourg, and in 2000 the Fotofinlandia Award. Photographs by Elina Brotherus; essay by Susanna Pettersson & Andrea Holzherr; interview with the artist conducted by Sheyi Antony Bankale. 80 pages; color plates and text illustrations throughout


Вес 800 g
Габариты 26 × 28 cm