Erwin Wurm. Narrow House

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Вес 600 g
Габариты 21 × 30 cm


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With each new work, Austrian artist Erwin Wurm (born 1954) seems to find the simplest, funniest ways to reinvent sculpture from scratch. In 2010, he charmed audiences worldwide with his “Narrow House,” which was exhibited at the Venice Biennale (where it was comically sited on a canal, next to one of the city’s massive palazzos), the Kunstraum Dornbirn and other international venues. A sculpture of a classic detached Austrian house with a gabled roof, loosely based on Wurm’s family home, “Narrow House” took visitors back in time to 1960s Austria. Naturally, Wurm added his own sculptural touch, and squeezed the whole house to a total width of just over three feet. Its fixtures and appliances—from the plumbing to the cutlery and the telephone—were all carefully modeled on 1960s design, and were likewise compressed, to a degree that visitors were just able to squeeze themselves in and pass through the structure. This volume documents this wonderful work and its installation with photographs and critical commentary, and also includes an interview with the artist.


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