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Flor Garduño. FLOR


Нет в наличии


Still Lifes and Nudes. Sensual and symbolic female nudes and still lives form this collection of reproduced tritone images by Mexican photographer Flor Garduno. In contrast to Garduno’s first three books, which were essentially diaries of her travels throughout the Americas, this is a diary of her personal, interior landscape. The images were all taken in and around her homes in Mexico and Switzerland. Always using natural light, she has created a series of photographs that bring a magical lyricism to black-and-white photography. An introduction by Veronica Volkow, the Mexican poet, plays up the metaphoric qualities in Garduno’s images, exploring the resonance of the word «flower», in Flor’s name and in her sensual imagery.


144 pp, hardback


Вес 2000 g
Габариты 29 × 30 cm