Japanese Armor. The Galeno Collection

Japanese Armor. The Galeno Collection


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Richly illustrated, this new book presents Japanese armor from the collection of William A. Galeno, M.D., one of the largest private collections of Japanese armor in the West.

It includes more than 100 pieces of armor, helmets, masks and accoutrements – almost all of which are made available to the public for the first time – spanning from the 14th century of the Muromachi period to the 19th century of the Edo period.

With catalog entries and essays on the history of Japanese armor by Ian Bottomley, Curator of Oriental Arms and Armour at Her Majesty’s Royal Armoury, Leeds, England, this catalog is a valuable reference for scholars, collectors and readers interested in the subject.


212 pages, 22.3 x 28.6 cm