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Robert Doisneau. Paris. Les Halles Market


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Роберт Дуано

Doisneau’s photographs evoke nostalgia for the days when the now vanished Les Halles market, «the belly of Paris,» sprawled across the center of the city. From fur-clad socialites to burly market porters, Doisneau captured the essence of every brand of Parisian character and the poetry in ordinary scenes: a cheery fruit seller bellowing from behind a pyramid of oranges, a fish vendor haggling over the price of the daily catch, or a mountain of floral bouquets ready to grace Parisian dinner tables. This volume exhibits some of Doisneau’s lesser-known yet extraordinary works, including six rare color photographs. Publication coincides with the ongoing long-awaited redevelopment of this Parisian hub.

160 стр, переплет твердый, язык английский


Вес 1000 g
Габариты 23 × 26 × 2 cm