Stern Fotografie Portfolio No. 47 Peter Lindbergh

Stern Fotografie Portfolio No. 47 Peter Lindbergh

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Питер Линдберг. Stern Portfolio (no. 47)

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Вес 726 g
Габариты 27 × 36 cm


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Питер Линдберг. Stern Portfolio (no. 47)

Here for the third time, stern Fotografie features world-famous, German fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh. Playing with our perceptions, Lindbergh is a gifted storyteller who seeks out hidden (and sometimes shocking) narratives. Startling honesty and ground-breaking originality give his images resonance and vitality. Once described as a ?poet of glamour, ? Lindbergh is renowned for mixing rawness with high style. His iconic images of 90’s supermodels are still breathtakingly fresh. This volume focuses on his work since 2000 and was selected by the photographer himself. Showcasing well-known faces in innovative and sometimes startling ways, Lindbergh continues to re-define fashion photography. ? The latest chapter in an original and impressive career ? A must-have for connoisseurs of art photography and those intrigued by fashion and the media