Stern Fotografie Portfolio No. 50. David Bailey

Stern Fotografie Portfolio No. 50. David Bailey

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Дэвида Бейли. Stern Portfolio (no. 50)

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Вес 726 g
Габариты 27 × 36 cm


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Дэвида Бейли. Stern Portfolio (no. 50)

Originally from London’ s working — class East End, David Bailey became one of the first celebrity photographers. With a meteoric career beginning as fashion photographer with British Vogue, he immortalized such Sixties icons as supermodel Jean Shrimpton, Terence Stamp and The Beatles. His tightly cropped images were a radical departure from photographic tradition. This groundbreaking approach gave his black — and — white photography a frantic energy that reflected the times. Socializing with the top names from the beau monde, he quickly became as famous as his subjects. This portfolio focuses on his most exciting work since 2000. Always the chronicler of the times, Bailey’ s subjects here include such personalities as Michael Caine, Morrissey and Damon Albarn.