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Walker Evans (Phaidon 55)


Нет в наличии


Walker Evans (1903-75) is now considered perhaps the finest documentary photographer ever. His images have had considerable influence on other artists, and not only in the field of photography. He is well known for his 1930s work for the Farm Security Administration, documenting the effect of the Great Depression on a section of the rural population. He also took many photographs of shopfronts, billboards and the seemingly inconsequential details of urban life, to which his work ascribed a profound significance.

Photography is the visual medium of the modern world. It pervades our lives and shapes our perceptions. 55 is a new and ongoing series of beautifully produced, pocket-sized books that explore all aspects and styles of photography. They celebrate the world’s most important photographers from the spheres of art, photojournalism, science, street photography, fashion photography and travel photography.

Each volume of 128 pages focuses on an individual master’s life work and its development. It features 55 of their key works presented chronologically with an accessible introduction and critical commentaries, telling both the photographer’s story and the story of the world that shaped their views.


128 pages


Вес 350 g
Габариты 14 × 15 cm