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Aperture 249


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This winter, Aperture magazine presents “Reference,” an issue that considers the role images play in the creation of something else. Spanning fashion design, architecture, film, and print, “Reference” includes a conversation between renowned British author and curator Ekow Eshun and rising fashion designer Grace Wales Bonner; an interview with South African artist William Kentridge on the images that undergird his sprawling output; critic Mimi Zeiger on the work of Los Angeles–based architectural studio Johnston Marklee; an essay by Jesse Dorris on the potential of handmade zines; and David Campany on the function and purpose of photographs today. Further, works by James Welling, Jojo Gronostay, Deborah Turbeville, Sheida Soleimani, Katrien de Blauwer, and Stephanie Syjuco highlight each artist’s unique use of source material. The Photobook Review for this issue opens with a sweeping interview with Ramón Reverté—the editor in chief and creative director at Editorial RM—and includes reviews of recent photobooks by Vince Aletti, Phyllis Christopher, Moe Suzuki, Nancy Holt, Richard Misrach, and N.V. Parekh.

246 pages
24х30 cm


Вес 400 г
Габариты 24 × 30 см