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Luca Campigotto. Iconic China

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Luca Campigotto’s (born 1962) journey through China begins with a search for a mythical past and arrives at the chaotic present of the megacity phenomenon. The photographs collected in Iconic China present an image of the soul of a country in which extraordinary futuristic skylines blend with structures and traditions that stretch back thousands of years: the silences and the remoteness of the Great Wall, the archaeological miracle of the terracotta army, the ancient quietude of the rivers in the south, the dazzling whirlwind of unstoppable urbanization. In Campigotto’s large-format images, the contemplative look of 19th-century photography comes to terms with the contemporary world and the colors of the urban night. The precision of his compositions―always imbued with references to painting and cinema―and his skillful use of light, bring order to the vastness and complexity of the scene.

Hardcover 84 pages
35х27 cm


Вес 600 г
Габариты 35 × 27 см