So Cliché by Alexander Bondar, 2nd edition

So Cliché by Alexander Bondar, 2nd edition


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Вес 300 g
Габариты 15 × 21 cm


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So Cliché is based on the photos taken in Russia y Alexander and manipulated by the author in Photoshop with the help of a stamp instrument. The images in the book are the result of the author’s endeavor to «improve» photographs, that he didn’t find «good enough” as they were. The work was done during 2009-2015.
This naive and in a way humorous approach adds another layer to the surreal post-soviet world that the author invites us to peek in.
By the title author refers to primitivity of somewhat obvious and overused technique.


Second limited edition of 100 copies,
signed and numbered
size A5 / 40 pages / 21 pictures / staple binding / digital print / signed and numbered
With a double-sided POSTER as a dust cover