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László Moholy-Nagy (The Great Masters of Art)


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László Moholy-Nagy (1895–1946) was a painter, photographer, Bauhaus teacher, and founder of the New Bauhaus and the School of Design in Chicago—one of the most important artistic figures of the twentieth century. As one of the first artists to work across such a wide range of media—including painting, sculpture, photography, film, and design—Moholy-Nagy set standards that remain potent today, particularly in photography, which had hitherto not been regarded as art. And his influence extended far beyond his actual work: as a teacher, first at the Bauhaus in Weimar and Dessau, then, after fleeing the Nazis, in Chicago, Moholy-Nagy shared his revolutionary vision of uniting art and life in order to permit artistic activities to overflow into everyday life.

This volume in the Great Masters of Art series offers an accessible, insightful account of Moholy-Nagy’s life and work, one that puts him in context of his times and assesses his ongoing influence and legacy.

Language ‏ ‎ English
Hardcover ‏‎ 72 pages


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