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Marc Riboud: 60 Years of Photography


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The official monograph of Marc Riboud&;s photography, created in collaboration witht he photographer, has been augmented with twenty-five additional images. Marc Riboud traveled the world recording the harmony of landscapes and the beauty in faces from Angkor to Istanbul, India to Bangladesh, and New York to China. From a painter poised like a dancer on the metal girders of the Eiffel Tower to a young woman bravely facing down a rank of riflemen in protest against the Vietnam War, Riboud&;s photographs reveal his deep insight into humanity, his compassion for the human struggle, and an insatiable desire to understand the plights, triumphs, and daily life of others. While many of his photographs depict the anguish of war, others catch the evanescent delight of a swim in a sun-dappled river or children learning to whistle in a Shanghai street.

Language ‏ English, French
Hardcover ‎ 200 pages


Вес 1500 г
Габариты 24 × 37 см