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Tom Licht. Father, Son and the War


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In 2013 German Swiss photographer Tom Licht took off with his father (b. 1940) on a different kind of road trip: from their small home village in former Eastern Germany, they traveled thousands of kilometers eastward, searching for the place where his grandfather had fallen 72 years earlier during an attack on a Russian village in WWII. The father-and-son pair sets off on an extended search for clues that follows the route of the medical sergeant and his Wehrmacht regiment until just outside Moscow. Along the way they are confronted with the unhealed scars of the 2nd World War, as well as their own unspoken psychological wounds. Tom Licht‘s highly personal photographs against the backdrop of the horrors of war and his own tragic family history, can only hint at the millionfold fate affecting the fatherless German and Sovjet postwar generation to this day.
Tom Licht completed the postgraduate course at the Ostkreuz School of Photography in Berlin under Ute Mahler and Robert Lyons. He lives and works in Zurich and Berlin.

108 pages hardback
Text in English, German


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Габариты 30 × 24 cm