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Daido Moriyama in Color


Нет в наличии


Daido Moriyama in Color includes a selection of  unpublished photographs made in the late Sixties and early Eighties never seen before that are from the crucial years of Moriyama’s exploration, as well as other classic vintage colour work by Moriyama. The street, the favorite theater of the Japanese photographer, is the focus of the work of those years, a peculiar historical period for Japan that, after the reconstruction and the economic boom following the end of World War II, had to live and face first the American occupation and then the student protests in the wake of what was happening in Europe and in the United States.

Huge new book featuring many never before published Moriyama images.


484 стр. Hardback, 21 x 31 cm



Вес 2100 g
Габариты 21 × 31 cm