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The Art of Tomorrow

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The Art of TOMORROW presents an international selection of seventy-seven young artists, with four pages dedicated to each, who show great potential for the future. They were selected by three insiders from the art world: Laura Hoptman is curator in the department of Painting and Sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art in New York; Yilmaz Dziewior is the director of the Kunsthaus Bregenz and a member of the acquisitions committee of the collection of contemporary art of the Federal Republic of Germany; Uta Grosenick has edited numerous anthologies on contemporary art.

The book is intended for an audience that wants to know today what will be happening on tomorrow’s art scene. Hence it is an indispensable compendium for collectors and curators, for art students and others interested in art. Designers, graphic designers, fashion designers and advertising agencies all derive ideas and inspiration from the visual arts.

In a clearly structured layout, works and installations by each artist are shown, offering an excellent insight into his or her development. The illustrations are supplemented by texts by an internationally renowned art critic or writer and a photographic portrait of the artist with brief biographical data. Web links indicate the home pages of the artists and their galleries, so the reader can find additional information.

With its selection of artists, the book posits clear worldwide trends; its distinguished and futuristic design make the book a must-have.


  • 21 × 27 cm
    340 pages, approx. 310 color images, Softcover



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Габариты 21 × 27 cm