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Ralf Daab. High On… Dream Houses


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The history of a house begins with the place where it is built. Whether the property is located in the city center, on the outskirts, on the water or in the countryside makes a decisive contribution to the design of the building. A dream house initially arises as a vision in the mind of the client and develops in cooperation with the architect into a concrete and individual plan. It is a demanding task to find a balance between the wishes and ideas of the future residents and the orientation of the property in the landscape while taking into account local building regulations. The privacy of the client is one of the main issues when integrating the building into the structural environment and when planning the overall layout. Characterized by flowing transitions between architecture and nature and the strong relationship between inside and outside, each of the DREAM HOUSES presented here has its own character. Innovative concepts for the interior design ensure the harmonious whole of every project in conjunction with lighting and landscaping. The interplay of architecture, design and joie de vivre make living in a DREAM HOUSE a wonderful experience. But it is the love that the residents have for each other that makes a house a home.

Hardcover with linen, Format: 250 x 290 mm

Number of Pages: 286

The Curator

Ralf Daab has been active in the art book market for over 25 years. He started his career as a sales manager for TASCHEN in Cologne, Germany in 1993. In 1995 he moved to New York and set up the first TASCHEN office in the USA. In 1997 he became CEO of Könemann Publishing in New York and established the brand in the US market. He moved back to Germany in 2000 and took over the position as publishing and sales director at teNeues and created a new architecture & design book program with the famous COOL book series and established a worldwide distribution network. With this experience he founded his own label daab in 2003 and published more than 300 books on art, architecture, design, photography and fashion. Over one million copies were sold in over 100 countries. Besides that he released three music CD’s under the label daab club 1-3 (still availble on iTUNES) and founded a fashion show in Cologne, first as COLOGNE CATWALK which he turned into the COLOGNE FASHION DAYS. He also ran an art gallery in Cologne, daab salon , where he hosted art exhibitions curated by Gérard A. Goodrow (former director of the ART COLOGNE) With HIGH ON LIVING he has created a new label for concept books and a platform for architects, designers, artists and connaisseurs.


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