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Sergey Kostromin. A Land with No Name


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Sergey Kostromin is a visual artist working with photography and moving images.
Even at school, Sergey was fond of photography and at a more conscious age decided to give preference to this occupation.
After moving to Moscow, he enters the Institute of Contemporary Art Problems and studies this discourse in relation to photography. At this time, he participates in small photo exhibitions, both in Russia and in Europe, and prints his first zines.
In his work, Sergey is most attracted by the possibility of exploring spaces and people who get into the frame, observing their inner world, transforming emotions and feelings. Sensory and intuitive cognition is what underlies Sergey’s visual style.

The book «A Land With No Name» did not appear as the result of a single project about a journey or some life event. It is a book about internal geography, about the unique landscape formed inside each person and which we can consider our land. During life, it inevitably transforms, shifts, and this is just a desperate attempt to fix its visible part—forms that live only for a short moment and then are destroyed, no matter how strong they may seem to us.
The book contains photographs of the past 8 years of observation of the surrounding world and space, reflecting random moments long lost in memory.


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