The Eye of The Photographer



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Габариты 22 × 27 × 3 cm


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The Eye of the Photographer takes a new, thematic look at the history of photography. This publication contains over 150 highlights from the rich and international photography and camera collection of FoMu, including work by ÉDOUARD BALDUS, DIRK BRAECKMAN, CLAUDE CAHUN, ROBERT CAPA, HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON, ROBERT DOISNEAU, FRANCIS FRITH, WILLIAM KLEIN, EADWEARD MUYBRIDGE, NADAR, STEPHEN SHORE, EDWARD STEICHEN, ALFRED STIEGLITZ and others. In addition, the book describes how the main camera types function and offers a well-organized timeline in which the most common photographic techniques are explained in the context of the technological evolution.

260 стр, переплет жесткий, язык английский